The First Day of the Rest of My Life—Still in Draft Form

This morning with my usual out-of-the-bed optimism and enthusiasm, I opened email a few minutes before six and decided to take marketing guru Bernadette Jiwa’s blog’s challenge to write a personal mission statement.

It is going to be another great day!

My Mission

To connect with and serve others by doing what matters (to me) to make the world beautiful and life inspirational

 My Vision

Universal health and beauty

This reads like an international beauty products conglomerate’s mission and vision. I’m comfortable in old Birkenstocks, so it is impossible to imagine being in that world. Yes, to finding beauty in restoring shine to tableware or a floor, and yes, to seeing nature’s beauty through new lens, but a beauty that requires covering over and covering up or swallowing or lathering products, not so much. Well maybe sometimes. My life is still in draft form.

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